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Championing Sustainability

Join us in fostering a sustainable future through circular economy practices. Eco-Footprint 2.0, we provide unparalleled expertise in driving a circular economy and reducing emissions through strategic consulting, educational services, and thought leadership.

Circular Economy

Our circular economy model redefines production and consumption patterns, prioritizing restorative and regenerative design to create a sustainable economic system.


We develop comprehensive strategies to measure, reduce, and offset greenhouse gas emissions, aiding organizations in their pursuit of carbon neutrality.

Sustainable Growth

Eco-Footprint 2.0 identifies growth opportunities that align with ecological sustainability, driving innovation without compromising our planet's health.

Climate Advocacy

Through policy consulting and public engagement, we advocate for climate action, supporting initiatives aligned with international agreements and contributing to global sustainability goals.

Economy Reinvention

The concept of a circular economy is at the heart of our mission, transforming the traditional 'take-make-waste' approach into a restorative economic cycle that benefits both the economy and the environment. 

By implementing sustainable product design, fostering robust recycling systems, and encouraging the ethical consumption of resources, we empower businesses to thrive while reducing their ecological footprint. 

Eco-Footprint 2.0 serves as a catalyst for systemic change, advising companies on the integration of circular principles into their core business strategies.

Carbon Minimization

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is imperative in the fight against climate change, and our comprehensive services enable organizations to take decisive action. 

We guide businesses through the process of carbon target settings, and implementation of reduction initiatives, ensuring alignment with international standards and climate pledges. 

With our expertise, entities can mitigate climate risks, fulfill regulatory requirements, and enhance their market reputation by joining the global movement towards carbon neutrality.

Environmental Impact

Our dedicated focus on education and sustainability advocacy drives fundamental change in public awareness and corporate policy. 

By providing enriching educational programs and harnessing the power of collaboration, we drive forward the agenda for a more sustainable future. 

Eco-Footprint 2.0 bridges the gap between knowledge and action, equipping individuals and organizations with the necessary tools to become influencers in environmental policy and champions of sustainability.

Our Mission

Eco-Footprint 2.0 is dedicated to advancing sustainable practices and reducing environmental impacts through innovative circular economy strategies. 

Our global consultancy operates at the intersection of environmental stewardship and economic viability, offering a synergistic approach to corporate sustainability and climate action. 

With an expert team of environmental strategists and a global network of partners, we are committed to achieving a more sustainable future for all.

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